Amazon Halo Tracks Wellness with “Wearable” AI

Amazon Halo Tracks Wellness with “Wearable” AI

September 23, 2020

Rami Odeh

VP, Digital Commerce

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Expanding its ecosystem of smart products, Amazon is launching its first ever health and fitness tracker, Amazon Halo. Now only available through “early access,” Halo uses a screenless wristband and an AI-powered app to track metrics like body fat percentages, activity levels, sleep and tone of voice to help users improve their overall well-being.

Going far beyond what other fitness trackers provide, e-commerce experts, Velocity Commerce Group, believe this comprehensive approach to personal wellness will be the next trend in digital health. Just look at some of Halo’s next-level features:

  • Body: Track your body fat percentage by taking photos of yourself in form-fitting clothing. The app creates 3D models of your body so you can monitor your progress over time.
  • Activity: More than just a step counter, you’ll get a weekly score based on the intensity and duration of your activities. For example, running earns you more points than walking and sedentary time subtracts points.
  • Sleep: Track your body temperature, motion and heart rate during sleep to help identify variations that could affect your health and sleep quality.
  • Tone: Monitor your emotional health through the level of energy and positivity in your voice. Simply enable the wristband’s microphones and the device will take periodic voice samples.

But Halo’s unique health metrics are just the beginning. They’ve also partnered with Orangetheory, Weight Watchers (WW), Mayo Clinic, HeadSpace, the American Heart Association and more to provide science-backed challenges and workouts to help users turn their health insights into new healthy habits.

This makes Amazon’s first step in the wellness arena truly transformative. Even with Halo’s monthly subscription cost which may be a purchase barrier, Velocity Commerce Group believes Halo’s added-value, and the endless potential for more features and partnerships, will make it a market leader.

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