Marketing and Data Sciences

Marketing & Data Science Services

Clear Results

We have the experience and tools to get to the metrics that matter.

Our marketing science services pull back the veil on your products’ attribution to make clear what marketing and ecommerce strategy mix works best for your brand across channels.

Our process is comprehensive in understanding the sales performance and defining and actioning optimizations.

Measurement Framework

Define business objectives, KPIs and stakeholders.

Benchmarks and Baselines

Discover the metrics behind customer behavior and compare them to your competitors.

Testing Framework

A/B standardized testing and multivariate experiments.

Reporting and Analysis

Report cadence, audience, and platforms.

Optimization Strategy

Define an optimization plan to iterating on learnings.

Measurement for Amazon

Both in media and on the retail side, our team is highly experienced in Amazon analytics.

S2 Commerceview

Our proprietary tool measures each of your brand’s ASINs on Amazon qualitatively and quantitatively. On average, across categories, increasing a HealthScore™ by a half point raises sales by 15%.


Where we manage media, ecommerce or digital activation, we take advantage of the Datorama dashboard for reporting and insights.

On average, across categories, increasing a Healthscore™ by a half point raises sales by 15%.

Our Insights

Our group of experts build our clients’ businesses, and provide the industry with key insights from the front lines of retail and digital commerce.

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What’s your Healthscore™?

Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, our Healthscore™ indicates the strength of your brand across the ecosystem. If you’re selling online, contact us now for your complimentary Healthscore™ assessment. Or, just let us know what Amazon challenge you are facing and we will let you know how we can help.

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