Commerce Content Services

Commerce Content Services

Content That Counts

We build content that converts at the physical and digital shelves.

We strategize and create all commerce-related content, wherever it lives – at an owned platform, your ecommerce site, marketplace, distributed or in-store. 

Content inspires and it sells. It’s fundamentally important to success in selling online and in-store.

Commerce content requires detailed planning and execution. At a basic level, consumers expect visual excellence and clear communication along the path-to-purchase. In ecommerce, and at the digital shelf, SEO mastery and clear brand stories and product benefits must all work together.

We apply our understanding of your customers to build better experiences and meet their needs and your goals through brilliant content that converts.

1. Audit Competitors 

We audit your competitors’ messaging, copy and imagery to identify communication gaps and opportunities.

2. Research Customer Needs 

We understand your customer by analyzing the trends in customer feedback and Q&As. 

3. Define Talking Points for Your Brand 

We map your messaging hierarchy and build winning content for ecommerce and for the complete path-to-purchase.

4. Define User Experience and Content Strategy 

We decide your messaging hierarchy and design the key pages of your customers’ ecommerce experience.

5. Creatively Develop your Content  

We optimize copy, images and video to attract your customer and convert. 

Services for Getting the Basics Right 

  • Rich media content creation 
  • Content optimization for mobile 
  • SEO optimization 
  • Enhancing content below the fold 
  • Pricing & 3rd party seller management  
  • Product category ranking 
  • Motivating engagement and user-generated content 

Going Beyond the Basics 

  • Brand Landing Page 
  • On-Platform Advertising 
  • Private Brand Audits 
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 

Content Analysis

We objectively assess content using cutting edge tools and heuristic analysis to recommend content strategies that work. 


We are fully equipped with an in-house studio to create relevant digital commerce photography and compelling videos that will build your brand, inspire the customer and answer key customers questions.  

Localization Services 

Our international offering includes certain localization services and we also have a series of partnerships in place to ensure your brand speaks to all audiences. 

Best-in-Class Clorox Content

Together, VCG and Clorox have established a regimented process for content evaluation, testing and development in order to maintain best-in-class content across their multiple brands and categories.



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