Double Down On Amazon Stores For Valentine’s Day!

Double Down On Amazon Stores For Valentine’s Day!

New Amazon Features Included…

February 12, 2020

It’s no secret that Amazon is investing heavily in brand “Stores” in 2020. 

Rami Odeh

Digital Commerce Vice President

Rami helps brands grow their business in a complicated e-commerce landscape and better understand the intricacies of an ever-evolving ecosystem. 

Throughout his career, he’s led product manufacturers and brands like OfficeMax/Office Depot and Sears to develop and execute strategies to create significant, measurable returns. He specializes in e-commerce content, fulfilment, negotiation, and merchandising initiatives, helping clients to optimize their short and long-term planning.

Stores are Amazon’s answer to keeping customers within the platform, but allowing customers to get a peek of your brand’s assortment in your brands voice, rather than Amazon’s voice.

Store traffic is increasing

Amazon stores are free for the customer and offer modules with seamless interface designs to get brand content live in no time. In the past, Amazon brand stores have been lower on the priority list, due to their ineffectiveness in resulting in purchase. This has all started to change. Amazon is now indexing Amazon brand stores, and your customers are starting to visit brand stores more often, and driving more ‘virtual’ basket ring. Velocity Commerce Group, a digital TPN consultancy, has seen a spike in brand store visits over the past months, and we do not anticipate any sign of traffic slowing down.

It’s time to start paying attention to stores. We found the best formula is to update your store’s content regularly, while keeping it relevant. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this is a perfect opportunity to update your brand store with content relevant to the season. Think of content that will inspire customers with new ideas for Valentine’s Day. Update images and copy with lifestyle images that will keep them interested, and sell, sell, sell!

Pro Tips!

You can schedule content updates to your brand store with store scheduling, a feature that allows brands to plan for changes throughout the year, and allow the content to be modified based on preset timings, instead of having to manually upload changes live, and revert back to evergreen content once the season is over. This is a huge time saver, and will help brands be proactive in planning a content calendar for their Amazon stores.

Don’t Neglect Assortment!

Make sure that the time invested in optimizing the brand store is not lost. Make sure it is monetized by having the right assortment on your brand store prevalent and consistent with the inspirational images. Amazon recently released a new feature where lifestyle images allow customers to add products directly into their shopping cart through Shoppable collection images. Also, don’t forget to be retail ready, and to ensure you have stock! If you want to be on the safe side, you can click here to get a free Amazon HealthScore to make sure your product is ready for Valentine’s day.

Keep a Lookout for New Features

Staying relevant is key, not only seasonal relevance, but also functional relevance. Capitalize on all the new features Amazon releases as soon as they are available. In this way, your brand stores will look a hell of a lot cooler than the competitors that are slow to react to new features.

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