Four New Amazon Tools

Four New Amazon Tools

To Track Content Engagement

March 10, 2020

Amazon has been improving their offering on Vendor Central & Seller Central.

Becca Kuo

Senior Digital Commerce Manager 

Becca is an expert in all aspects of Amazon Advertising Platform, Vendor, and Seller Central, and has worked for brands such as Payless, Sam’s Club, and Target. Equipped with her e-commerce expertise, she collaborates with cross-functional teams to grow revenue. 

They’ve introduced new features to help brands engage shoppers through product detail page in a more effective way. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of new features:

Amazon Posts

What is Amazon Posts?

Posts is a new browse and discovery experience on Amazon that can be accessed on detail pages of the brands’ ASINs and related products. The look of Amazon Posts is similar to a social media feed. It displays a curated image and caption to demonstrate product features and help brands tell their story. Amazon will auto-tag the feeds with relevant product categories to help brands widen their reach.

How to integrate the learnings into your marketing strategy?

For each Posts, Amazon allows brands to view engagement metrics, such as views, clicks, and clickthrough rates. With the learnings from Amazon Posts, brands could create and prioritize supplemental images based on what resonates with shoppers. The insights could also apply to Amazon search campaign – using the creative and caption that has been proven to have high CTR will save time and budget on testing various sponsored brand campaign headlines and images.

A+ Content Experiments

What is A+ Content Experiments?

A new tool that allows brands to run A/B tests on the A+ content. The purpose of the tool is to help brands identify which type of content drives more sales. With the A+ Content Experiment, brands could test types of A+ Content images, text, structure, and more for up to 10 weeks.

How to integrate the learnings into your marketing strategy?

During the experiment, Amazon compiles multiple data points of each version. For example, units, sales, conversion rate, and projected one-year impact, etc. The beta program shows the “right” A+ Content could impact conversion up to 6%. If one version has an outstanding performance, we suggest brands mimic the language and the visuals of the A+ page onto ATF product detail page. This will ensure shoppers see the info they are interested in without scrolling.

Video Engagement Metrics

What is video engagement metrics?

Brands can now have access to metrics such as View Counts and Average View % for videos uploaded in the Video Management Library.

How to integrate the learnings into your marketing strategy?

According to Amazon, shoppers who watch videos convert 3.6x more often than non-viewing shoppers, indicating a strong preference for video among shoppers. Amazon allows brands to upload multiple videos for each product, but only one video is visible to shoppers. This is why selecting the right video is critical whether the video contains product details, customer testimonials or brand information. By tracking video views and engagement data, brands have the ability to determine which video should be displayed on the listing page in order to influence customer purchases.

ARA Premium

What is ARA Premium?

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium provides additional reports which brands have access to through Vendor Central for free starting this month. Amazon is changing the name to Brand Analytics which should be a feature 3P sellers are familiar with. It covers sales, marketing, operations, customer behavior, and enhanced trends so brands could make informed business decisions.

How to integrate the learnings into your marketing strategy?

Within all the reports, Amazon Search Terms report is extremely valuable because it shows search term popularity, ASIN conversion%, and ASIN product click share %. It gives brands insights into how shoppers are searching their products, along with the competitors’ products on Amazon. We suggest brands include popular search terms in listing page content which would increase the product visibility organically. After listing page updates, track the results with conversion% and product click share % to see if the content updates are effective. And this brings us to our last point….

Test. Analyze. Repeat.

Whether you decide to test one or all of the new features, remember to take calculated risks, create positive customer experience, and listen to the data. Don’t know where to start? Velocity Commerce GroupTPN’s Digital Consultancy can help you create SEO content and identify other untapped potential of your business. Let’s talk!

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