Cricket Wireless

The Challenge

Due to increased competition within their category Cricket Wireless was in need of an activation plan to drive higher search rank.

The Solution

Based on our proprietary HealthscoreTM analysis, we identified SEO, creative and marketing as immediate areas of opportunity for the Cricket SIM Card Kit.

  • We optimized content by conducting a keyword analysis and integrating top ranking keywords into the product detail page.
  • We implemented AMS and AMG campaigns.

We launched a Cricket Wireless Brand Store.

The Results

After the launch of the optimized copy, demand increased by ~7,000 units more than forecasted at the project initiation. We continue to track keyword search rank and competitive terms monthly for further content optimization. We also optimize AMS campaigns weekly in order to ensure efficient and effective use of the campaign budget

How We’ve Helped Other Brands

We’re proud of the successes that we’ve gained with clients, big and small.

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Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless began selling their SIM Card Kit on Amazon and due to increased competition within the category, was in need of an activation plan to drive higher search rank.

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