Amazon Continues to Evolve Posts (beta)

Amazon Continues to Evolve Posts (beta)

July 24, 2020

Content, both copy and imagery, continues to play an important role along the customer experience across all ecommerce sites, and in particular, Amazon. Earlier this year, Amazon introduced Posts, a new image-based browsing experience where shoppers can view branded content to discover products and click through to detail pages.

Christa Klausner

VP Digital Marketing & Commerce 

Christa is a key architect in our operations and organizational structure. She’s heavily focused on building out and developing the operational process around the team’s core offerings, along with integrating into clients’ already established processes, teams, and departments. 

Starting her career working on PepsiCo brands, she has been pivotal in establishing key strategic frameworks that drive efficient decision-making at VCG.

At no cost, brands are able to leverage existing content that is being developed for social channels, through posts that appear on detail pages and brand or category feeds. These highly visible placements allow brands another opportunity to leverage their custom content to inspire shoppers, show more of their product portfolio and drive them closer to a purchase.

Recently, Amazon released new features that enable brands to treat posts similar to that way they manage social platform content. For example, Posts can now be scheduled to align with social media calendars through the Advertising Console. Posts can now include more than a single item in each post, allowing brands to feature a wider range of their product catalog within lifestyle imagery. Posts now offer more robust reporting including impressions, and CTR broken down by destination. And the report is downloadable!! Brands can take learnings from these Posts to understand what is driving clicks and purchase intent and apply them across other social channels and content.

As a reminder, the Posts beta program is available to vendors or sellers who are brand registered and have an Amazon brand store. We are sure to see more from Amazon regarding Posts as they continue to integrate inspirational content that mimics social media and the value of scrolling into their platform.

For further details around content strategy or support across your e-commerce channels, please reach out to the Velocity Commerce Group team.

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