Why Sellers Should Invest in Amazon Virtual Bundle Before Q4

Why Sellers Should Invest in Amazon Virtual Bundle Before Q4

July 29, 2020

Becca Kuo

Senior Digital Commerce Manager 

Becca is an expert in all aspects of Amazon Advertising Platform, Vendor, and Seller Central, and has worked for brands such as Payless, Sam’s Club, and Target. Equipped with her e-commerce expertise, she collaborates with cross-functional teams to grow revenue. 

A study from eMarketer uncovered that despite the impact of COVID-19, shoppers do not plan to significantly change their holiday spending compared to 2019. More than 50% of shoppers expect to remain the same or increase holiday spending this year.

A separate survey also showed 66% of shoppers anticipating they will increase their online purchases during this holiday season due to fear of COVID-19 exposure. As we head into the peak shopping season and Prime Day*, sellers should explore the opportunity to maximize profits during Q4. Amazon Virtual Bundle could be the secret to immediately increase AOV (average order value).

*If you haven’t heard, Amazon has delayed Prime Day to possibly the week of Oct. 5, according to CNBC.

What is Amazon Virtual Bundle?

Amazon has recently released a Virtual Product Bundles tool for sellers who completed the Brand Registry. This new tool allows brand owners to bundle 2 to 5 ASINs into one product without packaging items together or changing FBA inbound inventory.

On desktop, Amazon shows the bundle in the Make it a bundle widget which is right under the above the fold content.

The Benefits of Amazon Virtual Bundle

  • A Cross-sell Tactic That Stays on Top of Shoppers’ Mind: One of the major benefits of the Virtual Bundle is increasing order and sales volume. Sellers can introduce new products by bundling them with top selling items. Or, bundle products that complement each other. For example, yoga mat, sweat towel and water bottle.
  • The “Make it a bundle” widget appears in place that is pivotal in the shopper journey (bullet points, review, etc.) making the offer impossible to be overlooked.
  • Adapt to Changing Consumer Behaviors: The experience of living through COVID has changed consumer behaviors. Shoppers are focused on living within their financial means and are looking for ways to stretch their budget to get their essential products. The Virtual Bundles help shoppers order products at a discounted rate without the hassle of going through “Today’s deal” page or entering coupon code.
  • Minimal Effort Required from Sellers: Amazon allows sellers to create the product bundles without physically packaging items together, sending additional inventory or purchasing another UPC. It takes the concern, such as excess inventory or IPI score, off the sellers’ mind.

How to integrate the learnings into your marketing strategy?

According to a shopper survey, 68% of Amazon Shoppers “Window Shop” on Amazon. By pairing Virtual Product Bundles with sponsored brand campaign, it provides a convenient and budget-friendly option for shoppers to discover and try a new brand.

By testing the Virtual Bundle prior to Q4, sellers could increase brand awareness and consideration across product portfolio. Shoppers likely to re-purchase the brand they’re familiar with during prime day frenzy or re-stock when there is a good deal. Most important, testing this new tool before Q4 provide sellers insights of product demands. Sellers will be able to increase inventory to avoid products being out of stock during the holiday season.

With the knowledge and inventory, sellers could easily increase orders and sales during Q4 and beyond.

How VCG Can Help You Master Amazon Marketplace

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