Elevate and Showcase Your Products

Elevate and Showcase Your Products

via Amazon’s New Listing Tool

August 6, 2020

Josh Allison

Senior Digital Commerce Manager

Josh is our resident Amazon expert, and brings with him years of experience in CPG brand manufacturing and account management. He has a proven history of increasing brand growth, having expanded Amazon’s presence, successfully driving consumers to products. 

Ecommerce growth has accelerated over H1 2020. Moving at such a rapid speed may cause brands to expedite product set ups which can may result in a missed opportunity. When brands are submitting their product information into Amazon, there are required product fields that Amazon requires you have in order to accept a product and go live, such as: Brand, Price, Cost, UPC, title. There are optional fields that brands can fill in to help customers find their product quicker by specifying product attributes such as scent, color, size, material etc. These aren’t mandatory but should be provided to be optimized and drive sales.

With Q4 right around the corner, Velocity Commerce Group recommends that brands evaluate their offerings to ensure that product fundamentals and intangibles such as inventory and product information, are fully optimized.

Fortunately, Amazon has made identifying product opportunities faster and easier with the launch of their “Listing Quality Dashboard.”

What are the Benefits of the Listing Quality Dashboard?

Available on Seller Central, the tool identifies and allows quick edits that improve product discoverability, enable a new Product Overview experience(beta) on the product detail page and mitigating customer returns.

Additionally, Amazon will highlight products that are “At-risk” of suppression, if certain information has not been provided by a specified date. These are critical for improving the customer experience where customers can make the most informed purchase decision.

1) Improve Discovery by adding the appropriate attributes to your products when customers use specific search filters.

2) The Product Overview Experience (Beta) highlights important product attributes above the bullet points on the product detail page. This provides customers a quick scan overview of your product to evaluate and make a faster buying decision (Currently available for limited product types).

We recommend brands of all sizes and tenure, review their products to ensure their products are optimized heading into Q4 and the holiday season. This will set brands up for success both in the short term and for the long haul.

Additionally, this is a great time to check that all of your products are retail ready, check customer reviews for what customers are saying about your products. Review questions they may have to incorporate that information into your content. Review back end keywords are updated, as well as reviewing the customer facing content is optimized as well.

Brands can navigate to the Dashboard through the Inventory tab, followed by Manage Inventory, and then clicking Listing Quality Dashboard. Amazon identified opportunities with their products by just a few clicks. Giving you the speed to react and make necessary adjustments to your products which can have profound impacts to your listings.

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